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'What Have You Done For Me Lately?' - Janet Jackson

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10.20.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney Flaming Pie, 1997
10.17.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney Off the Ground, 1993, Paul is Live, 1994
10.15.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney Wings Over America, 1977, Flowers In The Dirt, 1989, Tripping the Live Fantastic, 1990
10.14.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney Give My Regards to Broad Street, 1984, Press to Play, 1986, CHOBA B CCCP, 1987
10.13.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney Tug of War, 1982, Pipes of Peace, 1983
10.12.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney and Wings Back to the Egg, 1979, McCartney II, 1980
10.11.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney and Wings Red Rose Speedway, 1972, Band on the Run, 1974, Venus and Mars, 1975, Wings at the Speed of Sound, 1976, London Town, 1978
10.07.03 Updated Artist Page Paul McCartney and Wings Wild Life, 1971
10.04.03 New Artist Page Paul McCartney McCartney, 1970 and Ram, 1971
9.28.03 Updated Artist Page Jethro Tull  Live! Bursting Out, 1978
9.18.03 Updated Artist Page Jethro Tull  Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young To Die, 1976, Songs From The Wood, 1977, Heavy Horses, 1978
9.16.03 Updated Artist Page Jethro Tull  Aqualung, 1971, Thick As A Brick, 1972, Living In The Past, 1972, A Passion Play, 1973, War Child, 1974, and Minstrel In The Gallery, 1975
9.15.03 Updated Artist Page Jethro Tull  Benefit, 1970
9.11.03 New Artist Page Jethro Tull  This Was, 1968, Stand Up, 1969
9.10.03 Updated Artist Page Elton John Blue Moves, 1976, A Single Man, 1978
9.06.03 Updated Artist Page Elton John Caribou, 1974, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, 1975, Rock of the Westies, 1975
9.01.03 Updated Artist Page Elton John Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player, 1973, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 1973
8.27.03 Updated Artist Page Elton John Madman Across the Water, 1971, Honky Chateau, 1972
8.26.03 Updated Artist Page Elton John Elton John, 1970, Tumbleweed Connection, 1971
8.25.03 New Artist Page Elton John Empty Sky, 1969
8.21.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Moment of Truth, 1993

A little note. I'm going to begin responding to more Reader Comments now, and don't expect me to be nice about it. I can be a right Robert Fripp when provoked.

8.20.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Electric Light Orchestra Part 2, 1990, Zoom, 2001

Jane's Addiction Strays, 2003

8.19.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Balance of Power, 1986
8.18.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages, 1983
8.17.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Xanadu, 1980, Time, 1981
8.14.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Discovery, 1979
8.12.03 Updated Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra Eldorado, 1974, Face the Music 1975, A New World Record, 1976, Out of the Blue, 1977
8.08.03 New Artist Page Electric Light Orchestra No Answer, 1972, ELO II 1973, On The Third Day, 1973
8.06.03 Completed Artist Page Animals, The Winds of Change, 1967, The Twain Shall Meet, 1968, Every One Of Us, 1968, Love Is, 1968
8.03.03 Updated Artist Page Animals, The Eric Is Here, 1967
8.01.03 Updated Artist Page Animals, The Animal Tracks, 1965 and Animalisms, 1966
7.31.03 New Artist Page Animals, The Animals, 1964 and Animals On Tour, 1965
7.28.03 Completed Artist Page Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young After the Storm, 1994, Looking Forward, 1999
7.27.03 Updated Artist Page Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 4-Way Street, 1971, Daylight Again, 1982, American Dream, 1988, Live It Up, 1990
7.26.03 Updated Artist Page Crosby, Stills, and Nash CSN, 1977
7.25.03 New Artist Page Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Crosby, Stills and Nash, 1969 and Deja vu, 1970.
7.20.03 Updated Artist Page Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Soup, 1995, First Rays of the New Rising Sun, 1997, South Saturn Delta, 1997, BBC Sessions, 1998, Live At The Fillmore East, 1999
7.19.03 Updated Artist Page Jimi Hendrix Cry of Love, 1971, War Heroes, 1972, Live At Winterland, 1987, Blues, 1994
7.17.03 Updated Artist Page Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love, 1967, Electric Ladyland, 1968, Woodstock, 1995, Band of Gypsies, 1970
7.16.03 New Artist Page Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced?, 1967
7.9.03 Updated Artist Page Madonna American Life, 2003
7.8.03 Updated Artist Page Madonna Bedtime Stories, 1994, Ray of Light, 1997 and Music, 2000
7.7.03 Updated Artist Page Madonna Like a Prayer, 1989, I'm Breathless, 1990 and Erotica, 1992
7.6.03 New Artist Page Madonna Madonna, 1983, Like a Virgin, 1984, True Blue, 1986, Who's That Girl, 1987, and You Can Dance, 1987
7.4.03 Updated Artist Page Fleetwood Mac Say You Will 2003
6.27.03 Updated Artist Page Fleetwood Mac Kiln House 1970
6.26.03 Completed Artist Page Bob Dylan Self Portrait, 1970, and Live 1975, 2002
6.24.03 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan Time Out Of Mind, 1997and Love and Theft, 2001
6.22.03 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan Good As I Been To You, 1992, World Gone Wrong, 1994, and MTV Unplugged, 1996
6.19.03 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan Oh Mercy, 1989 and Under the Red Sky, 1990
6.18.03 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan Down in the Groove, 1987 and Dylan and the Dead, 1988
6.17.03 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan Real Live, 1984 and Empire Burlesque, 1985, and Knocked Out Loaded, 1986
6.12.03 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan Shot Of Love, 1981 and Infidels, 1983
6.11.03 Updated Artist Page Led Zeppelin How The West Was Won, 2003
6.05.03 Updated Artist Page Pearl Jam Live on Two Legs, 1998, Riot Act, 2002
6.01.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The Live At the BBC, 1995, Blues to the Bush, 2000
5.31.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The Who's Missing, 1985, Two's Missing, 1987, Join Together, 1990
5.27.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The The Kids Are Alright, 1978
5.19.03 Updated Artist Page When I had my 102 degree fever this past weekend, I had plenty of great ideas for my Who reviews I was going to write, but then the 3-foot paisley spider on my window blinds that was telling them to me up and walked off and I plum forgot 'em.

Who, The Who By Numbers, 1975, Who Are You, 1978, Face Dances, 1980, It's Hard, 1982

5.15.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The Odds and Sods, 1974
5.14.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The Quadrophenia, 1973
5.13.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970, 1996, Who's Next, 1971
5.12.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The Live at Leeds, 1970/1995
5.11.03 Updated Artist Page Who, The A Quick One, 1966, Sell Out, 1967, Magic Bus, 1968, Tommy, 1969, Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy, 1971
5.05.03 New Artist Page Who, The Sing My Generation, 1965
5.03.03 Updated Artist Page Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around, 1968
5.02.03 Updated Artist Page Buffalo Springfield Again, 1967
5.01.03 New Artist Page Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield, 1967
4.21.03 Completed Payola Artist Page One Fluid Ounce Highlights, 2003
4.19.03 Updated Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Black Moon, 1992 and In The Hot Seat, 1994
4.17.03 Updated Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Emerson, Lake, and Powell, 1987
4.14.03 Updated Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Love Beach, 1978, Works Live, 1993
4.12.03 Updated Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Works, Vol. 1, 1977, Works, Vol. 2, 1977
4.10.03 Updated Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition, 1972, Trilogy, 1972, Brain Salad Surgery, 1973, and Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends, Ladies and Gentlemen..., 1974. .
4.08.03 Updated Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Tarkus, 1971.
4.07.03 New Artist Page Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, 1970.
4.06.03 Updated Artist Page Dead Kennedys, The Bedtime for Democracy, 1986.
4.05.03 Updated Artist Page Dead Kennedys, The Frankenchrist, 1985.
4.1.03 New Artist Page Sorry I'm late with this update, but I received a letter from the RIAA threatening legal action if I didn't stop downloading MP3 files at work. I had 24 hours to delete all my MP3 files and prove to them I didn't have any more trading software in use there. I think I might be fired for this, since the letter came to my boss first. I'm really afraid I might have to move back to Russia or something. Anyway, I've been a little worried about all this, but I was able to finish a couple of Dead Kennedys reviews I started before all this shit came down. Keep all this in mind next time you illegally trade copyrighted material. They really aren't kidding. They'll fuck you up. Just be careful...

Dead Kennedys, The Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, 1980, In God We Trust, Inc. EP, 1981, and Plastic Surgery Disasters, 1982

3.25.03 Updated Artist Page Yardbirds, The Roger the Engineer, 1966, Little Games, 1967, Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page, 1971, BBC Sessions, 1997, and Vol. 1 Smokestack Lightning, 1991
3.23.03 New Artist Page Yardbirds, The For Your Love and Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds, 1965
3.18.03 Completed Artist Page Byrds, The Byrdmaniax and Farther Along, 1971 and Preflyte, 1969
3.16.03 Updated Artist Page Byrds, The The Ballad of Easy Rider, 1969 and untitled/Completely Unissued, 1970
3.15.03 Updated Artist Page Byrds, The Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde, 1969 and Live at the Fillmore, 199?
3.13.03 Updated Artist Page Byrds, The The Notorious Byrd Brothers, 1967 and Sweetheart of the Rodeo, 1968
3.11.03 Updated Artist Page Byrds, The Younger Than Yesterday, 1967
3.10.03 Updated Artist Page Byrds, The Turn! Turn! Turn! 1965 and Fifth Dimension 1966
3.09.03 Updated Artist Page

and New Artist Page

Big Star Thirds/Sister Lovers, 1975

Byrds, The Mr. Tambourine Man 1965

3.08.03 Updated Artist Page Big Star Radio City, 1973
3.05.03 New Artist Page Big Star #1 Record, 1972
3.01.03 Completed New Artist Page Keith Richards Talk Is Cheap, 1987 through Main Offender, 1992
2.28.03 Completed Payola Artist Page Soundtrack Mind Plastic Dreams, 2003
2.27.03 Completed Artist Page Joy Division  The Peel Sessions, 1990
2.24.03 Updated Artist Page Joy Division  Still, 1981
2.21.03 Updated Artist Page Joy Division  Unknown Pleasures, 1979 and Closer, 1980
2.16.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  MTV Unplugged, 1995 and Psycho Circus, 1999
2.15.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Revenge, 1992 and Alive III, 1993
2.13.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Crazy Nights, 1987 and Hot In The Shade, 1989
2.12.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Asylum, 1985
2.10.03 Updated Artist Page Fleetwood Mac  Tusk, 1979 by thatcoolbrotha
2.09.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Animalize, 1984
2.08.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Creatures Of The Night, 1982 and Lick It Up, 1983
2.05.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Unmasked, 1980 and Music From 'The Elder', 1981
2.03.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Dynasty, 1979
2.01.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Ace Frehley, 1978
1.31.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Paul Stanley, 1978
1.30.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Gene Simmons and Peter Criss, 1978
1.29.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Alive II, 1977
1.28.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Destroyer, 1976 through Love Gun, 1977
1.26.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss  Dressed to Kill, 1975 and Alive!, 1975
1.25.03 Updated Artist Page Kiss Hotter Than Hell, 1974
1.23.03 New Artist Page Kiss Kiss, 1974 You know why I haven't been updating? Each and every night this week, just as I'm sitting down to write, my little girl starts yelling because she can't sleep. And you know why she can't sleep? She's farting. All the time. Like for an hour, then she passes out again. But by that time I'm too tired to write some stupid Kiss review, so I go to sleep.

Is that a good enough excuse, Teacher? Do I get to retake my Kiss 101 exam, then?

By the WinMX. It's EXCELLENT.

1.18.03 Completed Payola Artist Page Payola For Payola, a new feature at the Bonanza!! Everyone into the common room for a reception with some Schlitz and Fritos to celebrate! This is where you send me music of your band in a format I can play, and I review you! It's easy! It's fun! It gets all the girls interested in YOU!!!

Mineral Kings, The Atomic Numbers, 2000 and Metropolis, 2002

1.16.03 Completed Artist Page Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual, 1990 and Kettle Whistle, 1997
1.15.03 Updated Artist Page Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking, 1988
1.11.03 New Artist Page Jane's Addiction Jane's Addiction 1987
1.10.03 Completed New Artist Page The Modern Lovers The Modern Lovers, 1976
1.08.03 Completed Artist Page The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, 2002
1.07.03 Updated Artist Page The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin, 1999, Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid, 2002, and The Day They Shot A Hole In The Jesus Egg, 2002
1.05.03 Updated Artist Page The Flaming Lips Zaireeka, 1997
1.03.03 Updated Artist Page

The Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic, 1996

1.02.03 Updated Artist Page Happy New Beer!

The Flaming Lips The Day Andy Gibb Died, 1990 (?), Transmissions From The Satellite Heart, 1993

12.30.02 Updated Artist Page The Flaming Lips Hit To Death In The Future Head, 1992
12.29.02 Updated Artist Page The Flaming Lips In A Priest Driven Ambulance, 1990
12.27.02 Updated Artist Page The Flaming Lips Telepathic Surgery, 1988
12.25.02 Updated Artist Page The Flaming Lips Oh My Gawd...The Flaming Lips, 1987
12.22.02 New Artist Page The Flaming Lips Hear It Is, 1986
12.21.02 Reader Comments Updated Thanks fer yer patience! I'm back in a (more or less) permanent job saving the environment and living in a (more or less) permanent apartment, so I'm Mr. Consistency from here on out!
12.08.02 Completed Artist Page Genesis Calling All Stations, 1998
12.03.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Genesis Live, The Way We Walk Vol.1: The Shorts, 1992 and Vol.2: The Longs, 1993
12.01.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Invisible Touch, 1986 and We Can't Dance, 1991

Am I ever going to finish this group?

11.27.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Three Sides Live, 1982 and Genesis, 1983
11.24.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Abacab, 1981
11.23.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Duke, 1980
11.22.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis ...and then there were three, 1978
11.21.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Wind and Wuthering, 1977
11.20.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Seconds Out, 1977
11.19.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis A Trick Of The Tail, 1975
11.15.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Selling England By The Pound, 1973, and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 1974
11.13.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Foxtrot, 1972 and Live, 1973
11.11.02 Updated Artist Page Genesis Nursery Cryme, 1971
11.10.02 New Artist Page Genesis From Genesis To Revelation, 1969 and Trespass, 1970
11.02.02 Completed Artist Page Pearl Jam  Binaural, 2000
10.31.02 Updated Artist Page Pearl Jam  Yield, 1998
10.28.02 Reader Comments Added reader comments to Pearl Jam and U2

Also! I won't be updating nearly as often now that I both a) have a job and b) have my wife and little girl back with me. I'll be here as often as I can, but no more 12 albums a week, no way! Thanks for reading....Capn

10.21.02 Updated Artist Pages Aerosmith  Just Push Play, 2001

Pearl Jam  No Code, 1996

10.20.02 Updated Artist Page Pearl Jam  Vs., 1993 and Vitalogy, 1994
10.19.02 New Completed Artist Page Keys, Alicia The totally hot 'respectably sexy' photos in the CD booklet of this album have absolutely no bearing on my grade, I promise. Only objectivity for the 'nanza readers, baby!
10.17.02 New Artist Page Pearl Jam Ten, 1991
10.16.02 New Artist Review Parton, Dolly  Essential Dolly Parton Vol. 2, 1997 and Hole Celebrity Skin, 1998
10.14.02 Completed Artist Page Black Sabbath  Oh my good Christ Lord it's all done. I never have to listen to Tony Martin again in my life. Let's all have a beer to celebrate, shall we?
10.12.02 New Artist Review Boston Boston, 1976 Go OU!!!!
10.11.02 New Feature and New Artist Reviews First, I created a Bits and Pieces page for all the groups I want to review but don't have anywhere close to entire discographies for, because my ADD is acting up again and if I review another crappy Black Sabbath record for another few days I'm gonna go off and join the Moonies.

The first few records are up on the B&P page, too:

Costello, Elvis My Aim Is True, 1977 and Armed Forces, 1979

10.09.02 Artist Page Update

and New Feature!

Black Sabbath Mob Rules, 1981 through TYR, 1990

Also, For the Lazy, I slapped a bunch of 'review synopses' on each and every one of the completed artist pages to summarize what I think about the artists' work, just so the lazy half-literate burners who make up my audience won't have to read all my damn words all the time!

10.07.02 Artist Page Update Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell, 1980
10.06.02 Artist Page Update Black Sabbath Live At Last, 1980 through Never Say Die, 1978
10.03.02 Partial New Artist Page Black Sabbath Black Sabbath, 1969 through Vol. 4, 1972
10.02.02 Completed New Artist Page Sex Pistols, The No future? No future? The Queen's gonna outlive these fools!
09.26.02 Completed New Artist Page Dr. Dre Another rich black man keeping the young white man down.
09.25.02 2 Completed New Artist Pages Blur Just so's you know, this band has NEVER put out a decent second side to any of their 6 albums. Is that some sort of record?

Minor Threat And all of this band's regular releases are well short of 30 minutes in length. When you entire recorded output for 5 years equals less than the average Sheryl Crow CD, you know you're hard core.

09.18.02 Completed Artist Page Funkadelic America Eats Its Young, 1972 and Hardcore Jollies, 1976 through The Electric Spanking of War Babies, 1981
09.12.02 Completed New Artist Page Television When a band only has 3 albums, I'm blindingly fast with the new page. to go and tackle the Ventures! See you next year!
09.09.02 Completed Artist Page U2 The Joshua Tree, 1987 through All You Can't Leave Behind, 2000
09.04.02 Artist Page Update U2  War, 1983 through The Unforgettable Fire, 1985
09.03.02 New Incomplete Artist Page U2 Boy, 1980 and October, 1981
09.01.02 Completed Artist Page Kraftwerk There! I've finished your goddamn Kraftwerk reviews, Windows 98! Now, PLEASE let me access my CD-Rom drive again. And you can stop deleting the digital pictures of my daughter, while you're at it! I am NOT reviewing Tangerine Dream next, either!!! You can just shove it, win.exe!!!
08.24.02 Completed Artist Page Ramones, The Best flavor of corn chip, ever? Cool Ranch. Not Cooler Ranch. Just Cool.
08.03.02 Page Is Resumed! After relocating back to the ol' USA and reclaiming my old 1998-era PC from the depths of my parents' suburbian torture dungeon, I am happy to announce I'm resuming work on the Bonanza. Stay tuned for some big changes, insanely funny reviews, and more disgusting references to sexual deviation than you can shake your dick at. Welcome back, my friends, to the Page That Never Ends!

For today, I've started with posting about a bazillion reader comments I've gotten since the last update. Special thanks to David Elliott, who vents spleen better than any guy I've ever seen on reader comments not dealing with AC/DC records.

06.17.02 Completed Artist Page King Crimson
06.10.02 Updated Artist Page King Crimson 1973-1975
06.06.02 Partial New Artist Page Coming slower and slower now...hey, did you know I'm returning to America soon? That's why I'm writing so little, I'm trying to grab each and every last one of these pirated MP3 discs! These reviews are from the first one I ever bought.

King Crimson 1969-1972

06.01.02 Index Page Update New pic of my little girl on the index page
05.29.02 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan 1976-1980
05.21.02 Updated Artist Page Bob Dylan 1970-1975
05.17.02 Partial New Artist Page I dunno, I don't hear anything wrong with this guy's lyrics. I mean, he's no Peaches & Herb, but who is?

Bob Dylan, 1961-1970

05.08.02 Completed Artist Page Boy, I'm feeling bit testy. Think I'll scream a bit.


05.03.02 Links Page Update <=== lots of new sites now listed here, some of which I've actually visited.
05.02.02 Completed Artist Page Have you seen those little Piggies yet? Fucking piggies. They always have clean shirts! To fucking play around in! Piggies!

George Harrison

04.27.02 Partial New Artist Page George Harrison 1968-75
04.22.02 Completed Artist Page

Unfortunately, not yet featuring the chill-inducing vocalisms by Mickey Thomas... GODDAMN IT! *memo to ALL available Jefferson Starship/Starship records 1981-1986....take out loan if necessary*

Jefferson Airplane, The

04.17.02 New Site Page


04.16.02 Partial New Artist Page

Jefferson Airplane, The until 1970...1971-1973 coming very soon...

04.07.02 Completed Artist Page

I think I took all the drugs Joe and Steven didn't take to finally be able to finish off the reviews of the 80's and 90's


04.04.02 Format

Changed the format of the index and news pages. Like 'em? God does!

04.03.02 Partial New Artist Page

Did they have to go and do all their good albums at once?

Aerosmith: The 70's

03.30.02 Album Review

Just a quick one while I'm trying to get through some other reviews:

Iron Flag by Wu Tang Clan

03.21.02 New Artist Page

Again, breaking the rules of the Web Reviewing Community, I DON'T MAKE FUN of Art Garfunkel's name during an entire set of Simon and Garfunkel reviews. Damn, I'm such a nonconformist.

Semen and Garfunkel

03.20.02 New Artist Page

One of these days I'll have to review someone with more than 10 albums to their name. But not yet!

Creedence Clearwater Revival

03.11.02 New Artist Page

My hands smell just like baby poop. The reviews you're about to read smell just like baby poop. THE WORLD IS MADE OF BABY POOP!

Doors, The

03.02.02 New Artist Page

I'm busy ignoring the hungry cries of my girl, only to bring YOU

Police, The

02.26.02 New Artist Page

Wife's in the hospital and I'm trying to crank out reviews as fast as possible before she comes back and my ass is changing dirty diapers all day long. Check the hatred out on these:

Pink Floyd

02.22.02 New  Artist Page

More diversity on my site! I think some of these dudes may be Canadian, so watch out and be careful you don't get brainwashed and start liking cricket or eating moose or anything.

Wu Tang Clan, The

02.17.02 New Artist Page

I'm goin' out on a limb here and hoping you may have heard of these guys. They're definitely the CENSORED band ever. HEAR THAT,CENSORED? CHOKE ON IT, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!

Beatles, The

02.09.02 New Artist Page

Nothing funny here. NOTHING FUCKING FUNNY HERE!!!!!


01.30.02 New Artist Page

Sepultura? No saxophones. Robert Plant never wore a tuxedo on stage. AC/DC? Never put chicks on their covers? Time to fill the niche!

Roxy Music

01.21.02 New Artist Page

I stayed up all night on Saturday writing Rolling Stones reviews. JUST FOR YOU! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU?!?!? WHY WON'T YOU AT LEAST TALK TO ME! NO! Don't hang up! Please! I love you, reader...please don't go...see what I've made for you?

The Rolling Stones: Complete 1963-2000

01.02.02 New Artist Page

Happy New Year and all that smack. And speaking of smack....

Led Zeppelin


12.12.01: Still sick, but not too sick to rock! Check out my unnecessarily bitter intro section for a dead musician!

John Lennon

And for some reason I discovered I'd lost the main link to Eric Clapton, so for some of you that might be a new page. You can pretend, anyway.

12.10.01: Jesus I'm sick. And I've been in Finland. Is there a fate worse than that? To be sick in Finland, for all Chrissakes? Anyway, I finished the rest of the AC/DC Page.

11.27.01: I've gotta come clean with you. I've been making updates and not telling you. A reader comment here, a link update there. But I value your trust and want to apologize. Please accept my humble offering...


11.15.01: Doing My Part To Alienate All Prog Fans in the Universe


11.08.01: Just because I put new colors on my website does NOT mean I'm gay. It DOES mean I drink BlowinChow though. I also killed the message board and poll due to the fact that they pissed the shit outta me, and I'm God here. I wrote a shitload of prog reviews in the past few days, too.



11.02.01: Black people! There's Black People on my Page! In diapers!


10.28.01: Wow! Check it out! That's my skull man!

Van Halen

10.27.01: After some time since my last new band, I finally finished all the albums by


10.23.01: Changed the backgrounds to all the pages 'cos I'm a sucker for public opinion. I'll change those newly-ugly grade jpgs soon too.

Expect a couple more hard n heavy band reviews coming soon.

10.17.01: Another day of underemployment has yielded:

A stupid poll box! Take the survey! It won't hurt ya!

A bunch more reviews, but nothing posted yet....maybe in the next few days.

The Reader Comment Forms are now on all of my reviews. So, you can either use the form, which is easiest, or if you have a LOT of comments, email 'em to me. Either way they'll make it onto the site sooner or later.

10.16.01: Added a Message Board, so, you know, talk 'n stuff...

And I started a cool Reader Comment Form, so you don't have to email me whenever you feel like making a comment. I'm busy putting a link at the bottom of all of the reviews so far. Sorry it won't send you back to the referring page, but that's what the 'Back' button's for isn't it?

10.13.01: Here's another one, now to get some people on the site to look at all this!

The Velvet Underground

10.11.01: How 'bout a proto-punk band with only 4 albums? Let's do it!

The Stooges

10.07.01: Here's another classic rock group it took me damn near forever to finally finish:

Fleetwood Mac

10.03.01: Hey, no one's visited the damn site yet!

But no matter. Here's a new artist review I jotted off the past few days:


Still trying to make it through Fleetwood Mac. I think all the bugs are finally gone from the page, but who knows?

9.30.01: Ready to go Live!

Hey man! I'm 25 today!

I completed all the basic sections and worked the bugs outta the first 4 artist review pages today for your pleasure. Still need to fix some shit here and there.

Gonna list this on yahoo and Excite and whatever other search engines, so this is really going live. Need to get a counter up in here also so I know if anyone comes or not.

I'll have some new reviews up as soon as I can as well. I'm nearly finished with one classic rock band. Hint: Chiffon


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