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Reader Comment Guidelines

Because We Don't Live Under Anarchy, at Least Not in My Webspace, Wise Guy!


You'll notice the title page of this here record review site reads 'Free Form' which, to me at least, means you are able to comment, trash, praise, condemn, disagree with, correct, ignore, or just plain comment on any of the reviews I make here. There are a couple of guidelines, though, just to keep up the pretense of this page having some aesthetic value.

    1. If I don't understand what record or artists you're commenting on, I'm not going to post your message. Sorry.

    2. I'm not Mr. Clean or anything, but if your comments are totally without critical merit, contain extreme, unnecessarily offensive language or personal attacks (especially about fellow reader postings, my skin is pretty tough so fire away at me), or just plain don't make any sense at all, you may find your comments edited or trashed.

    3. If I post a comment that, then later receive a request to remove the comment because it contains material offensive to a particular reader, I reserve the right to remove a comment at any time.

    4. I'm not going to post multiple comments by a single poster if there's no good reason for it. If you write one comment, then a few months later change your mind and write back explaining why, that's cool. But 10 messages that say 'The Beatles SUCK ASS' are not all going to be posted (you're lucky that I'd post one, but I'm pretty leftist).

    5. It may take a couple of weeks to update my site if I'm busy, so please be patient if your messages aren't posted as fast as you might want.

In the future I'm going to try to add some sort of voting form so the reader can rate an album as he/she reads, and a sort of 'Average Reader Rating' will be posted by my personal rating. I think that sounds interesting and as soon as I can finger out how to make it happen, I'll put it together. If you have any ideas as to how to do it, please email me.

Thanks for reading and send as many reader reviews as you can. The more the merrier.


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